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[Electronic] Able Grey & Meridian – In The Forest

Able Grey, head of the Ex Medias label and a rising figure in Chicago’s electronic music scene, are bursting out of the Chicago scene and quickly gaining attention along the way. These performances are enhanced by his use of an electronic drum pad and MIDI controller, which add an engaging element to his multi-genre presentations. His recent performances include opening for Clozee and Daily Bread at Radius Chicago, and his – not one but two – sets at the 2023 North Coast Music Festival. Moreover, Grey is slated to perform at the inaugural Chicago Beyond Wonderland festival, showcasing his talent on a grand scale. His musical creations have also found a home with Subsidia, a label founded by Excision, the man is making the right moves in the right ways.

“In The Forest,” a collaboration between Able Grey and Meridian, is a standout track released by Ex Medias. Set at 110 BPM, the track engages listeners with deep bass and sharp percussion that invigorates and compels a deep, rhythmic experience. Each listen unveils further intricacies within its richly layered sounds, punctuated by clean and forceful wubs at the drop, which show off its mysterious and moody atmosphere.

Meridian, performing under the alias Tom Giannola, has crafted a excellent musical identity that refuses to conform to one genre. At 26, his dynamic performances at renowned Chicago venues like Prysm, Soundbar, and Chop Shop, alongside his participation at the North Coast Music Festival, mark him as an artist with a promising trajectory. His style, which blends various elements of electronic dance music, continues to evolve, drawing a dedicated following eager, larger and larger fanbase to his side.

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