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[Video] The 1975 – Sex (NSFW)

The 1975

Northwest England’s The 1975 has been a group for whom almost our entire staff here at TMN has developed somewhat of a musical crush on over the course of their past few releases. So… it’s pretty standard for this writer to languish in the wave of middle school euphoric giddiness with every awaiting e-mail from the indie-rock quartet. Today, their official music video for “Sex”, a track in which we featured about a month ago hit the airwaves, and we just had to let our Ninjas get their proverbial hands on it as well. Lead vocalist Matthew Healy summed up the experience quite well in stating : “The main idea behind the new video for “Sex” was centered around us wanting to incorporate a narrative that acted out the lyrical content of the song. The makeup of our music is centered around the juxtaposition of very honest often self deprecating personal stories set against uplifting major chord progressions. It is this dualism and notion of ‘sound tracking’ our own lives which makes us cite John Hughes as such an important influence.”

The 1975’s music video for “Sex” was shot in Los Angeles by director Adam Powell and plays on back and forth shots between the band’s visual aesthetic of muted black and whites set against a series of cinematic band shots which set the video’s narrative perfectly into motion. Check it out below, and if you haven’t already, you can pick up The 1975’s latest EP IV is out now on Dirty Hit Records. “Sex” will be featured on The 1975’s self titled debut album which is out Sept. 2 on Dirty Hit in the UK and Sept. 3 on Interscope/Vagrant in the US. Pre-order here.

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[Video] POTATO – BANG! ft. Skrillex and Boys Noize

POTATO, the new Youtube network, launched by Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak just premiered their first show, “Bang!” Bang!, a short documentary featuring Skrillex and Boys Noize looks at the history of the Detroit Techno scene, truly the birthplace of the American electronic dance movement, and its evolution to what it is today. The two also discuss their upcoming project, Dog Blood, while playing in Detroit.

Bang! is just the first series to be released by the Potato Network, which promises to feature music videos, audio premieres and plenty of other shows. Check out the trailer for Diplo’s globehopping adventures in “Blow Your Head” and the trailer for the network below. This is the YouTube channel for people who wish MTV still played music, and proves that it was video that killed the radio star, not teen pregnancies and guidos.

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