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[Hip-Hop] avery shyra – Pardon Me

avery shyra
Pardon Me

Pardon me, but we have something to share with you today. “Pardon Me” from avery shyra dropped as a free download on Litt Music and you need to have it. The hip-hop heater is just the track you need in your Summer playlists this year.

“Pardon Me” is not your typical rap tune as it employs a poppy R&B tone that makes the song stand out. We’ve already hailed avery as someone to lookout for and with the new release, nothing changes. In fact, if anything does, it’s that the urge to get on the avery shyra train is more urgent now than ever. He’s a talented artist that’s putting out great accessible work in the hip-hop realm. With so many people pushing to sound a certain way, it’s nice to hear someone doing their own thing.

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