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[Electronic] Sarajevski – Softlights feat. Erika

Softlights feat Erika

Need something soothing to ease your way into the weekend? “Softlights” will do just that for you. The single comes to us from the duo of brothers Sarajevski. Featuring Erika, this airy chiller is will whisk you away into the clouds, eliminating all the aches and pains from the week along the way.

“Softlights” starts subtly and comes into focus with Erika’s vocal which takes center stage for much of the song. For a good while it feels like a calming indie record, but things eventually move into the house realm once the kick drum comes into play. From there the energy starts to pick up but the vibe of the track still remains the same, a cool relaxing mood that no ill can penetrate. The brothers play with a variety of emotions in this one, even ones that can seem contradictory to each other. It’s a simple composition inspired by complex emotions.

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