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[TMN Premiere] Terrell Morris – Book of Benny (prod. Gat)

Terrell Morris.
Book Of Benny (prod Gat)

Followers of our Hip-Hop Dojo have probably already noticed this, but we’re really excited about Toronto’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. Today, we’ve got a premiere from yet another unique emcee from the 6, Terrell Morris, who’s been bubbling in his hometown for a while now, previously going by the name T-City. His latest single, “Book of Benny,” carries a hazy, minimalistic vibe thanks to Gat‘s smooth production. Using the stripped-down backdrop to his advantage, Morris employs an addicting, melodic flow that makes the song play out like an extended melancholic chorus. Lyrically, there’s an introspective depth to Morris’s rhymes that reflect his own experiences as an aspiring artist. This sentiment is further accentuated by interwoven audio clips from the character Benny in the film Basquiat, which tells the story of the legendary painter and graffiti artist.

“Book of Benny” is the first single from Terrell Morris’s upcoming project, which is due out later this year. As we await more news on that front, we’ll have this atmospheric cut in heavy rotation. If you’re digging it as much as us, make sure to also check out his last mixtape, On Y Va.  

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