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Chuck Tv soundtrack: Chuck versus the Colonel – Music

I was not planning on releasing too many soundtracks on themusicninja, but it looks like a lot of people enjoy reading/listening to the soundtrack of tv shows and there is a lot of positive feedback for me to continue, with that said here is the chuck tv soundtrack music for “CHUCK VERSUS THE COLONEL” on 04/20

Creature Fear – Bon Iver

”Creature Fear”

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“The Answering Machine” – Malbec

”The Answering Machine”

Download Their Music From Their Webiste

Let me know what other music/songs from chuck that you enjoyed this season.


UPDATE: Check out the soundtrack for the season finale of Chuck vs The Ring Here

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TV Show Soundtracks: 'Life' Season 2 Finale:

Music from tv show life

It is always great when a television series wraps an entire season with a satisfying final episodes that produces more answers then questions – (hint, hint Lost!). If you are a fan of Life, you will notice that apart from excellent writing, they also have an outstanding song selection every episode, and episode “One” was no exception. Here is a list of some of the songs from that episode:

oneplusoneIntro: Roman is talking to Reese:
“A new beginning” – 26

”A new beginning”

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The Trade:
“Afterlight” by Clay Hill.


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Original air: Release and disposal.
“More Than Alive” by Hayden. (Great Song)

”More Than Alive”

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NBC Rewind:Release and disposal.
“Lifelong Lullaby” by Will Derryberry

”Lifelong Lullaby”

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Gansta rap music that Roman was listening to in the car before he **Spoiler**:
“King Ring” by Seryoga

”King Ring”

Source:damianlewisweb.com (fan site)

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