The Chill Dojo returns after a short break, but the music world definitely didn’t slow down while we were taking a breather. The result is a playlist of over 40 tracks, covering all the unmissable releases in recent weeks as well as the best features from the all-important Valentines Day period.

Grabbing our attention first and foremost was Ta-ku’s incredible remix of ‘Talk Talk’, dishing up one of his most sultry pieces to date, complete with his own vocal input. Slow, pulsating drums create an atmosphere steeped in emotion that will simply wash over you. It wasn’t the only news for the George Maple hit though, with the first official remix from Moon Boots finally made available to stream. In signature fashion, the groove here is as clean as you can get, and suits the iconic vocals to a tee.

For fans of chill DnB, last week also saw the release of compilation, Then & Now, from MrSuicideSheep. As you’d imagine, it’s filled with all the best names in the game, and we’ve picked out the latest track from Rameses B to be the poster boy. It’s no surprise that the angelic voice of Holly Drummond is the perfect fit for this slice of liquid serenity, and we’re certain one listen will carry you away to the place where you’re most at ease.

Perhaps the biggest story over the period was the huge stream of Odesza remixes unleashed for the insanely popular ‘All We Need’. As much as we’d love to have featured them all, we instead decided to highlighted the amazing interpretations from Haywyre, Giraffage, and KAASI which best resonated with the vibe of the Dojo. Despite the massive influx of remixes, we assure you that each version is surprisingly unique, making this a situation where you should definitely not shy away from seeking them all out.

You’ll notice that this edition finishes with a heavy influence from Djemba Djemba. As if all this new music wasn’t enough, the immensely talented beatmaker decided to gift fans with a string of previously unreleased edits that were way too good to be simply left unheard. It took extreme self control to not throw them all in to the playlist.

That should just about cover everything for our little stint away. Consider yourself back up to speed. Peace out.

’George Maple – Talk Talk (Taku Remix)’
’George Maple – Talk Talk (Moon Boots Remix)’
’Rameses B – Utopia (ft. Holly Drummond)’
’Odesza – All We Need (Haywyre Remix)’
’Odesza – All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) (Giraffage Remix)’
’Odesza – All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) (KAASI Remix)’
’The Wombats – Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson Remix)’
’Ghost Loft – Talk To Me (Bearson Remix)’
’Machineheart – Circles (Samuel Remix)’
’Cherokee – Teenage Fantasy (feat. Gibbz)’
’Cherokee – Edge’
’Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie (Jondai Remix)’
’Sucka For Love (Wantigga Flip)’
sam gellaitry – ‘to earth and back’
’Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Zanski Version)’
’PANG! – Touch (Original Mix)’
’DABIN – Touch feat. Daniela Andrade’
’DABIN – Running To You’
’The Geek x Vrv – Electric City’
’Baby Bash – Suga Suga (Point Point remix)’
’The xx – Shelter (Vera Cover)’
’Atlas Bound – Tell Me’
’Broken Back – Halcyon Birds’
’Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon (Deuxième Revisit)’
’Stwo & ELHAE – Oceans’
’Cosmo’s Midnight – Phantasm feat. Nicole Millar (2k15emotionalVIP)’
’Daughter – Youth (Izzard Remix)’
’Tei Shi – Bassically (HONNE Remix)’
’Drake – Just Hold On We’re Going Home (LUCA LUSH Remix ft. Kim Vallido)’
’waka flocka – o let’s do it (oshi & lege kale remix)’
’Loudun – Gold (ft. Tashka)’
’Party Girls (Lunice Remix)’
’Party Girls (Sinjin Hawke Remix)’
’Mario – Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix)’
’Santell x King Henry x Djemba Djemba – Don’t Say Goodbye’
’Djemba Djemba – DARKERNATURE v2 Feat Mr Carmack’
’Djemba Djemba – brazilian ting’
’Djemba Djemba – Ecstasy feat Penthouse Penthouse’
’Djemba Djemba – Samurai Feat. King Henry’
’Djemba Djemba – fast lane’
’Djemba Djemba – Valley Tongues Part 2’
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