A playlist 45 tracks strong means a huge week in music has just passed by, and we really mean it when we say Dojo #125 is a journey through sound. Kicking off this epic adventure is the combined handiwork of Lido and Canblaster, bringing together their genre-bending skills for a taste of their highly anticipated EP. ‘Rush Hour’ is no simple task to define, equally dark in sections as it is uplifting in others. It’s curious, unsettling, but the seamless transition between the two opposite ends of the emotional spectrum is what makes it a display of true craftsmanship. On the flip side, this next collab from B.Lewis and Brasstracks wastes no time in declaring which side it’s on, gripping the listener in a state of joyous celebration and never letting go. Watch out if you’re wearing headphones, cos your body is about to be doing weird things that won’t make sense to anyone not currently in tune to these unreal sounds. Another duo in ABSRDST and Diveo are going to capitalize on these present feelings of glee with a charming vocal delight in ‘We’re Beautiful’. Don’t be disarmed by the first minute of magical elements and whimsical lyrics, because what lies in wait is a wave of future sounds that will burst like colorful fireworks around the expanse of your aural ability. Following this, it felt only necessary to continue onto the next phase with similar vibes from Midnight Snack’s ‘Majora’. Those familiar with the title’s reference can guess the style likely to be involved here, and it will no doubt be music to the ears of all the Wave Racer and Pusher faithful. Sydney’s Kilter has been on the rise for a good while now, and this week he solidified this point in his career with a glorious remix of Hermitude’s ‘Through The Roof’. It’s quite a moment for him to take on official remix duties for artists he’s idolized since the beginning, but he does so with a mature sound that stays true to his signature style. Creativity like this promises even more success in the near future for sure.

This week’s journey is far from over at this point though, so make sure to keep it locked until you’re through the whole thing. Peace out.

’Lido & Canblaster – Rush Hour’
’B. Lewis x Brasstracks – Panorama’
’ABSRDST and Diveo – We’re Beautiful’
’Midnight Smack – Majora’
’Hermitude – Through The Roof (Kilter Remix)’
’Hoodboi – By Ur Side’
’Daktyl – Forgettable ft. Evan Mellows (Slow Magic Remix)’
’GodWolf – Resist’
’Attom – Cruise’
’Kerri Watt – You (Oliver Nelson Remix)’
’Henry Land & Samuel – Demons (Feat. Jasmine Thompson & Hilman)’
’Free n Losh – I Love You So’
’JMSN – Score (67th Hour Remix)’
’Viceroy – Back At The Start (Delusion Remix)’
’Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip)’
’Alesso – Cool ft. Roy English (Sweater Beats Remix)’
’Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat (Urban Contact Remix)’
’Harrison – How Can It Be  (Feat. Maddee)’
’Kučka – Divinity (Mazde Remix)’
’Michna – Solid Gold (StarChiller Remix)’
’A Sol Mechanic – flight’
’Kan~G – Innocence’
’Kan~G – Eclipse’
’Escaping Animals – Archipelago (Izzard And Spire Remix)’
’Dreamchild – THE DOJO FT. CHAHINE’
’SevnthWonder – Lost Ones’
’SevnthWonder – Dollar And A Dream’
’SevnthWonder – Care 4 U’
’Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi
Love (20syl Remix)’
’Young Franco x Set Mo – Pick You Up Darlin”
’Falcon Punch – Square One’
’Fleu – Magic’
’Flor – Back Again’
’Rascal – Elhae’s Joint’
’ lyric walls – wrong’
’Feverkin & Koresma – Golden (feat. Cuff Malloy)’
’steeziak – late night vibes FT. VESTIGE’
’Jimmy Whoo – Santa Cruz’
’Omari Jazz – Model Z’
’Shagabond – Miraj’
’Jamiroquai – Morning Glory (Pazmal Bounce Edit)’
’Robot Orchestra x Dephrase – Stardust’
’Coubo x Screw3000 – Slow Down’
’holy rain – Static’
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