Dojo #141 is headlined by one of the tunes of the year as Cosmo’s Midnight debuted their addictive single ‘Walk With Me’ on the airwaves and subsequently took the blogosphere by storm. While the Sydney twins stole the spotlight, Perth-based songstress Kučka is the one stealing hearts with her glorious vocal input creating an experience reminiscent of AlunaGeorge stylings. Smooth groove and silky vocals are a dangerous combination that will demand to be played again and again. As far as other magical pairings go, the playful lyricism of Lolaby and lush soundscape of Cosmic Quest’s production is once again proving itself to be a celestial force on the rise. Following on from their stellar inception as a promising musical duo, ‘Hidden Charm’ builds on the floating atmosphere of their sound that creates the canvas of their colorful creativity. It’s a gateway to a world of imagination you can’t help but get lost in.

Another artist gifted with the talent of forming landscapes with his sound is the chill-weaver Ma Luca. It takes only a few moments of listening to his latest slow-jam before vivid imagery of gentle sunshine, serene waves and picturesque scenery take over to serve as a brief escape into paradise. It’s a feeling we definitely want to hold onto for as long as possible, so we’re going to continue down the slow road with Blue Satellite’s transformation of ‘Back of The Car’. Where the RAC original went for the classic indie party anthem, this version is all about taking down the pace and creating vibrant electronic melodies and a whomping beat to really drive home the power of the iconic chorus.

It’s a week of features that hero musical exploration, so it’s fitting that you should journey on as far as you can through the list. Peace out.

’Cosmo’s Midnight – Walk With Me (feat. KUČKA)’
’Lolaby & Cosmic Quest – Hidden Charm’
’Ma Luca – Holding On To Everything’
’RAC – Back of The Car ft. Nate Henricks (Blue Satellite Remix)’
’Kaytranada – Return Of The Mack (Jay Dee blend)’
’Sumera – Wolf (Jengi Beats Remix)’
’SG Lewis – No Less (Kartell Remix)’
’North Arm – Careless (Running Touch Remix)’
’Oh Wonder – Lose It (Kalev, Vesper & Masego Remix)’
’Louie Lastic – Close2u’
’Flume feat. Andrew Wyatt – Some Minds (Lowself Remix)’
’Father Dude – Bring Us Back (Infuze Remix)’
’Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Naderi Remix)’
’Kuiters – Landslide (idea)’
’Picard Brothers & Erik Hassle – Goodbye & Good Luck (Inodi Remix)’
’Tove Lo – Talking Body (Yung Wall Street Flip)’
’Jamie xx – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) Feat. Young Thug (KatManDu Remix)’
’Royal – Queen Of France’
’Polographia – Rhythm (Ft. Jordan Padilla)’
’Japanese Wallpaper – Arrival (Tontario Remix)’
’Gallant – Open Up (Neonhund Remix)’
’Groove Theory – Tell Me (E.DOZA Edition)’
’Geotheory – Work it girl’
’Avionics – Skinny Dip’
’Yahtzel – Super Grape (Part A)’
’Yahtzel – Plasm (Part B)’
’oshi – interlude’
’DM Galaxy & Blure – Hearts Will Repair (feat. Aloma Steele)’
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