It’s a double treat from FKJ this week, starting off with a smooth summer jam you can throw straight into your mixtape courtesy of the free download. It’s a simple formula really; the prolific beat-maker lays down his signature vibe while the sultry voice of Tom Bailey completes the sensual experience that ‘Drops’ was made to provide. His second feature is a collaboration with another slick Frenchman in Darius. Where the opening track held nothing back in its declaration of serious funk, this one is all about a rich blend of silky sounds that slowly massage their way through your mind until total mesmerization has been achieved.

Up next we’re moving into some nostalgic territory with a newcomer to the Chill Dojo, VOIA. The NY-based producer wastes no time in painting his scenic beach soundscape and allowing his charming melodic composition gently carry your mind away on a wave of curious adventure. More than that though, it creates the perfect setting for our next track from TastyTreat and NRMИ, aptly named ‘Summers Love’. Warmth and happiness oozes from every chord of this future-filled delight, ready-made to be the backdrop to your fond summer memories. We wrap up our features with a pair of glorious remixes from Royal’s latest Cycles EP. While Lazerdisk and Dream Beach team up to continue this carefree journey we’ve been drifting through, Jai Wolf’s intention is all about bringing the energy to his magical world of melodic bliss.

The ride continues well beyond there though, so feel free to stick around for the whole thing. Peace out.

’FKJ feat. Tom Bailey – Drops’
’Darius & FKJ – Ô’
’VOIA – Oishii’s Island’
’TastyTreat X NRMИ – Summers Love (feat. Tribes)’
’Royal – Passenger (Lazerdisk x Dream Beach Remix)’
’Royal – Passenger (Jai Wolf Remix)’
’Griz ft. Talib Kweli – For the Love (Big Wild Remix)’
’Ramzoid – Everything’
’Richard Caddock – Glow’
’Alejandro – Whirlwind’
’Vindata – Getting Away Ft. Mack’
’Royal – Passenger (Hotel Garuda Remix)’
’JackLNDN – All I See’
’Ambassadeurs – Looking At You (feat. C Duncan)(Moods Remix)’
’Jerry Folk – Futura’
’Jasmine Thompson – Adore (Melvv Remix)’
’Kim Churchill – Window To The Sky (Dante Klein Remix)’
’Rust – Tell Me (feat. Cozy)’
’Louie Lastic – I Need Girls’
’Louie Lastic – Reactions’
’PYRMDPLAZA – Drowning’
’R.O.M – pikachu’
’hi tom – Splits’
’Royal ft. Desktop – Round 2 (Catt Moop Remix)’
’TroyBoi Feat NEFERA – On My Own’
’Years & Years – Desire (Feki Remix)’
’Pham – Holding On (feat. Anuka)’
’Alessia Cara – Here (Lucian Remix)’
’The Marphoi Project – Lazy Heart (Enzalla Remix)’
’Sizzlebird – Sunset (Feat. Helen Byrne)’
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