We only get to use this festive image once a year, but we’re making the most of it with a hint of Christmas cheer to kick off proceedings this week. While usually the “Chillmas” branding for our Dojo is purely a token gesture for this holiday period, a very fitting cover of ‘Let it Snow’ brings that chill feel to a Christmas classic that we’ve been wanting for so long. A charming collaboration between domino, NATEY, SUBI and kev, this rendition celebrates that unapologetic cheesiness that is an intrinsic part of Christmas music, while bringing a modern spin to the genre with a slick beat and smooth flow. It’s all a bit of fun, but could easily be played out amongst friends without any cause for embarrassment whatsoever.

While that ends our features of anything particularly festive, Christmas has definitely come early this week with the reveal of Chet Porter’s glorious remix of one of the best tunes of 2015. Louis The Child launched themselves into the industry spotlight with the blissful vibe of ‘It’s Strange’, and now as the year comes to a close, we’re gifted with one of our Dojo favorites working his whimsical sound to bring an even greater sense of joyous emotion to a track that needed no help in that area. This is one of those smile-inducing songs we’ll always have on hand for when we need it most. There’s not a lot of info out there on our next featured artist yoshinobu, but if this upload is any indication of their talent, they are definitely one to watch. ‘Distance’ is a sweet little jam that brings that easy-listening sensation that is all too needed in this busy time of the year.

We round out our features with two stunning jazz filled productions from Free n Losh and Dallas Cotton. While not specifically Christmas-themed, it’s a sound that is perfect for this time of year, stirring up all those feel-good sentiments this season is all about.

And just like that, we’re another year down. We hope this playlist brings even more cheer to you this Christmas. Thanks for listening! Peace out.

’domino – please, let it snow (w/ nate subi & kev)’
’Louis The Child – It’s Strange (feat. K Flay) (Chet Porter Remix)’
’yoshinobu – distance’
’Free n Losh – Runnin’ (ft. Busty And The Bass)’
’Pegboard Nerds – Just Like That (Dallas Cotton Remix)’
’Saje – Freefallin’ Dreams’
’Mr. Carmack – Go Get Her, w/ jordan rakei & tom misch’
’Dirty Chocolate – Flutter’
’Spire – Petal Falls’
’Kozoro – Cloud Runner’
’AK – Reflections’
’AK – Fragile (ft. Holly Drummond)’
’AK – Wonders (ft. Mona Moua)’
’AK – Parallel Worlds (ft. Veela)’
’XYLØ – Afterlife (Ark Patrol Remix)’
’CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace (Goldroom Remix)’
’Chris McClenney – Pearl’
’Mozambo & Max Liese Ft. Julia Church – Vapours’
’Beat Connection – So Good (Thrupence Remix)’
’Inas X – Love Is (Shibumi Remix)’
’Inas X – Love Is (SevnthWonder Remix)’
’vbnd – something ive been wanting’
’MaLuca – Forever’
’Babbit – Painting Greys’
’XYLØ – L.A. Love Song (Exit Friendzone Remix)’
’A R I Z O N A – Let Me Touch Your Fire (Stratus Remix)’
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