ahhh Freeee at lasst! The weekend is here! Sad and shameful I have only done 2 posts in the last 7 days! Full Time job has become almost a full life job and from the Music Blogger Reply All madness, I have been spending my time creating and maintaining a forum exclusively for music bloggers. However, it is now time to continue to do (one of) the things I enjoy doing the most, post new songs here on The Music Ninja!

Whats new about The Music Ninja that makes it a new version 2.0? The site itself has not change, it is referring to the way I will start blogging from now on. Shorter posts, updated more often. I think this will be a nice change of pace and will allow me to catch up with my inbox. There are too many great songs that need to be discovered and for now, I rather post them on the blog today than spend about 4 weeks on my inbox in obscurity. This will allow me to start doing interviews and covering live shows in Orlando, Florida.

So much work and keeping busy that tonight I just needed to relax and chill out. Here is Feist And The Constantines cover of Island in the Stream

Islands in the Stream (Dolly Parton)

’Islands in the Stream (Dolly Parton.mp3′
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