OH MY WORD…. when this track drops into it’s groove your head is gonna ache from some hefty head knodding! After featuring this on my electro music blog Give Quiche A Chance I couldn’t resist but ask The Ninja if I could pop it on here too…

Featuring Metric’s Emily Haines – this track is just GORGEOUS. There’s something really special about this track. Maybe it’s the stark clash of Emily’s delicate vocals against a beat that’s just plain filth, or maybe it’s just that you know when this is played live – people will go crazy for this track. Either way UK DJ/Producer Run Riot has done a sweet job remixing this track and this one has gotta go on your iTunes.

Check out a great interview with them here by Life Support Machine.

Tiesto ft Emily Haines – Knock You Out (RuN RiOT Remix)

’Tiesto ft Emily Haines – Knock You Out (RuN RiOT Remix)’
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