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If anyone knows how to put on a show, it’s Krewella. Krewella consists of two vocalists (who happen to be sisters) Jahan and Yasmine, and producer Kris. This was their second time playing at Red Rocks in a matter of months (they played at Global Dance Festival), and the moment they stepped on stage, it was clear that they would steal the show. Fans in the audience held signs that read, “MARRY ME” and there wasn’t an instant that the crowd wasn’t jumping wanting more from them. Their music is addicting, a quick listen to tracks such as “Killin It” or “Alive”  and there’s a big chance that it will be stuck in your head.

What’s amazing about Krewella is how incredibly connected and nice they are to their fans. As soon as they finished their extended set (Dirty South cancelled last minute due to an accident), fans came up to the side of the stage asking for pictures and the trio didn’t hesitate and took as many pictures as the fans wanted.

Before their set at Red Rocks, we had a chance to talk to Krewella backstage and this is what they had to say.

The Music Ninja: First and foremost, where did you guys develop your love for Jameson? 

Yasmine: Oh god, okay, so we used to work in this bottle service place back in the dark days, and Jahan was a bottle server, and Jameson just kind of was the THING there and uh… I should not be talking about this since I’m the baby…who else wants to talk about it?

Jahan: We all kind of had to agree on our one drink that we all agreed on and it was Jameson and it definitely started in the dark days like Yasmine said with the bottle service days when Yasmine and I were working at this one lounge in Chicago um it SUCKED and—

Kris: No no be honest, we’re here, we’re hanging out, okay?  We support Jameson because they paid us the most money.


Yasmine:  I fucking wish!


TMN: So you guys were just here for Global Dance but you were upstairs, what does it feel like to be going on to the main stage tonight?

Yasmine: Fucking honored! Fucking honored.

Jahan: Dude, it looks epic.

Kris: I’m a little bit tired, I’m full, drinking Jameson, so I feel good.

Jahan: The last time we were here we were watching Knife Party at Global Dance, it was INSANE it’s just crazy to be on the same stage that they were on because they’re one of our favorites and I’ve been trying to figure and scope out how to crowd surf because it’s on like an uphill stairs…It’s a bit dangerous, we all decided that we’re probably going to have to climb up to the top.

Yasmine: And then roll down!

Kris: We call it the inception stage dive because you’re doing it from the wrong side.

TMN: Your careers are relatively young, but have you had a moment where you said, “oh shit, that is fucking insane”?

Jahan: I think on nights like Global Dance on days like that, when we looked at the audience and did not expect the side stage to be packed like that and people were singing along to our songs…the entire 60 minutes was an “oh shit” moment.

Yasmine: We also recently signed a record deal with Columbia records, one of the most AMAZING days of our lives so far. And that was an “oh shit” moment because it didn’t feel real.

Kris: Dude I had an “oh shit” moment, I was going to the bar at 10 am trying to get drunk, fucking like EARLY, it was early like the sun was going upwards it wasn’t even going down and “Killin it” came on the NBA Playoffs recap and I’m just sitting there at the bar and it came on and I was like, “SHIT”.

TMN: This question is a little bit off the wall, if your music were an animal, what would it be?

Yasmine: *purring*

Jahan: OH OH I say Hyena

Kris: Swordfish.

Yasmine: Yo I’m thinking like a leopard!

Jahan: Sea lion!

Kris: Loch Ness monster banged a shark, and came out with a cat. And that cat would be the music.

TMN: A lot of Dj’s have weird items on their riders such as Dillon Francis requesting blow up dolls, what’s the weirdest item you guys have on your rider, if you have anything weird?

Yasmine:  We’re not allowed to have any weird shit yet! Yo but someday, you fucking bet I’m going to have a masseuse ALL UP IN IT. At least a masseuse or a massage chair!

Kris: Gum.

Jahan: We actually just added socks to our rider

Yasmine: OH a deck of cards!

Jahan: We decided we wanted to start playing games before our shows

Kris: The hotel in San Francisco had a yoyo, did you see it?

Yasmine: That’s dope.

Kris: They had a yoyo like what the fuck who carries a yoyo with them at a hotel?

Jahan: We’re not ballers like that yet. We don’t even fly first class!

Kris: But we have gum! I have some in my pocket if you want some. We did a meet and greet and I could offer mixed nuts and GUM.

TMN: Since you guys are a trio, how does the production process work?

Kris: I do everything.

Yasmine: We’re here for the face.

Kris: Dada Life has a plug-in called Sausage Fattener, which is a good plug-in, and I created one via an algorithm that creates their vocals. So they’re just there to hang out and I do everything.

Jahan: Oh Kris is 100 percent. He does everything.

TMN: What happens when you don’t agree on something while working on music?

Yasmine: FIGHT TILL THE DEATH! Fight till the death.

TMN: Do you guys ever plan on doing live vocals during your sets?

Yasmine: Yeah! Hell yeah, it’s coming in the future. Right now we’re not getting soundchecks, so we can’t like check live vocals for the shows. But it’s in the future!


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