In the opening seconds of this “Waiting Like A Wolf” remix, German producer Robot Koch makes the bass throb like a hungry heart. He certainly draws from Alek Fin‘s original ghostliness — the entire thing seems possessed by an eerie kind of energy — but he also builds upon it, stretching his imagination farther than the eye can see. Like a living, breathing organism, the track grows, develops and stutters through a number of kinetic and jarring phases. Utilizing a variety of sounds and beats, Koch creates moments of endless gloom, uncontrollable mania, and even otherworldly euphoria, proving his style to be inventive, fearless, and impressively futuristic.

Alek Fin
Waiting Like A Wolf (Robot Koch Rmx)

Be sure to check out Robot Koch’s Soundcloud page. Alek Fin’s Mull EP is out now.

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