Toronto-based duo The Killabits have taken a break from their usual heavy dubstep sound in their bootleg of Fever Ray‘s “Now’s The Only Time I know”. Returning to their original roots, KBZ have incorporated Fever Ray’s melodic vocals with their signature bassline that they have become notorious for in their latest release. “Everything sounds the same these days, so we’re trying to make something different,” said Sam, 1/2 of the duo. “We’ve been hard at work taking bits and ideas from a variety of different influences, putting our own spin on it, and doing something new with it.”

The Killabits have a handful of releases that they are currently working on as well as a North American tour that will be announced early next year, like their facebook and follow them on twitter to stay updated.

’Fever Ray – Nows The Only Time I Know (The Killabits Remix).mp3′
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