Based out of Sydney, FISHING transform Houses‘ pop-tinged “Endless Spring” into a unique, spell-binding slow-burner. Featuring tribal-like percussion work, hypnotic turns and dazzling effects, it’s a truly ethereal, yet earthy ambient remix, the kind of pleasantly unpredictable track that holds you captive ’til the very end.

’Houses – Endless Spring (FISHING Remix)’

The track is part of FISHING’s new EP project, where they tackle and remix five of Lefse Records‘ artists. Check out the full tracklist below.

1. Dominant Legs – “Where We Trip The Light (FISHING Bongo King Remix)”
2. A Classic Education – “Night Owl (FISHING College Pool Remix)”
3. Monster Rally & RUMTUM – “Raindrops (FISHING Lip Trick Remix)”
4. Houses – “Endless Spring (FISHING Bruce Chillus Remix)”
5. Teen Daze – “Surface (FISHING Set U Freemix)”

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