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Feed Me Jack

Oakland’s Feed Me Jack became TMN regulars in 2015–headlining our first ever San Francisco showcase and dropping a fantastic collection of covers. With the release of their latest EP around the corner, we’re excited to be bringing you the premiere of its first single. In typical FMJ fashion, “Emergency” showcases the up ‘n comers’ impressive musicianship while encapsulating their continually evolving sound. One of their more ambitious sonic undertaking to date, the single spans five minutes growing out of a lush, synth-backed opening. That intro recesses into an airy bridge which gives way to an unexpected twist around the 2:25 mark with the emergence of a heavier guitar progression. The sonic journey only gets more compelling in the second half proving a welcome and bold departure from the traditional verse/chorus structure–a common characteristic through out Feed Me Jack’s catalogue.

With its adventurous composition, “Emergency” is the type of track that you can truly get lost in forgetting what you were even listening to in the first place. Having seen the five-piece perform before, we can imagine this being a monster in FMJ’s live set providing opportunities for improvisation at each turn. Feed Me Jack’s Ultra Ego is due out on January 14th. In the meantime, give this a few spins and let it sink in.

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Feed Me Jack