Demand Truth (prod. Paul Cantor)

The world is a chaotic place. We all know that. These days it seems like there’s widespread civil unrest in all corners of the globe. It takes only a few clicks of your mouse to learn out about issues in countries like Syria, Brazil, Turkey and more. As we sit comfortably in our homes in front of our computers, it’s become easy to disregard the situations around us. For those of us who are uneducated about the issues though, we’re lucky to have guys like Hayk to help remind us exactly why we should “Demand Truth” about these controversies.

Produced by Paul Cantor (writer/editor at AOL Boombox), “Demand Truth” revolves specifically around the current protests in Istanbul that began over the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park by the Turkish government. Born in Istanbul himself, this situation is close to Hayk’s heart, and he seeks to educate us about how exactly it escalated to the violent affair it is now, and provide insight into a crisis that isn’t receiving widespread coverage. While you may not feel an immediate connection to this particular matter, the song’s overall message of taking a stand for yourself against oppression and fighting for your civil liberties is one that should resonate with everybody.

Check out the powerful single above, and look out for more music from the Humble Ambitious Young King in the near future.

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