Be Cruel Be Kind

In all honesty, the first thing we thought when we heard Suzuki/Method is how much f#%king fun it would be to see them live. We can just picture ourselves dancing around a theater to the playful guitar riffs and electro style synths. Take a listen to “Be Cruel Be Kind” and we’re sure you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

This tune, crafted by Salford based five piece Suzuki/Method, calls on references of 80’s electro pop in all the best ways, creating the urgent need to get out on the dance floor. With influences like Daft Punk, The Associates, 808 State and The Smiths you can understand how S/M has come to harness their unique sound. Providing a deliciously dancy twist on classic post punk vocals, these cats have something infectious brewing with this tune. We’re sure the rest of their upcoming EP, Native, will follow the same trend. Look for it’s release October 2oth on A1(M) Records.

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