This month Mr Justin Blau, aka 3LAU, is working his way even more into the hearts of all of us at TMN. He has such a great story and has risen insanely fast from regular college kid to mega artist in just over two years. He’s a Las Vegas native who is finishing up college in St. Louis all while exploring the wonderful world of electronic dance music. In awe? I know I am. So on this fine day we were able to sit down with Justin and get to know a little bit more about this incredible young artist who has taken the EDM world by storm.

TMN: As always Justin we just wanted to say thank you for being our artist of the month for February it is a true honor to have you on board and we are tickled pink to get to spend one on one time with you.

Justin: And it’s an honor to be a part of TMN! Been following you guys from the start! It was always a goal from day one to be featured on the blog, even in a simple post, so being a featured artist is HUGE! Thank you!

TMN: Let’s start with a few ice breaker questions. You are a Las Vegas native, something I have only heard a handful of people say in my lifetime. What was it like growing up there? I imagine going to see Barbara Streisand or Siegfried and Roy was not a typical Saturday afternoon.

Justin: It was definitely an experience, but I never had much to do with the tourist activities. Vegas is similar to LA, same weather, similar people, just everything is toned down a bit more. It’s a great place to be to relax when you’re not caught up in all of the action on the strip.

TMN: If you were any Las Vegas casino game, which would you be? A rowdy game of black jack perhaps?

Justin: Black Jack all the way, shit’s unpredictable.

TMN: Now we know you attend college at Washington University in St Louis, you are a senior correct? Tell us, do you have typical college senior experiences? Care to share any story of a c-r-a-z-y night? We won’t tell your parents, promise.

Justin: haha well… I ended up taking a leave of absence to focus on my career for a bit, I was still performing a ton though while I was still in school. It was pretty hard to balance all of it, and I honestly didn’t get to party at all outside of the shows I was playing.

TMN: What is your favorite dinner of all time, yes Justin, of all time. It can be a dish your mom makes or a certain restaurant that makes an insane lasagna dish. If you were being served your last dinner ever, what would that be?

Justin: I’m a sushi guy, so I would say any reputable place out in California, or in Vegas there’s a place called Blue Ribbon Sushi, one of my favorites. Of course I need some female company…

TMN: I think I know of a few dozen, dozen ladies who would love to go get their Sushi on with you.

TMN: Tell us three things that are always in your fridge.

Justin: Guru Energy drinks, Yogurts, Grapefruit juice.

TMN: We have read about the wonderful charity foundation you support, Pencils of Promise, and have to say we always love to see artists share their time, talents and support with these life-changing charities. This charity helps to bring education and schools to children around the world. You being a student yourself, tell us why this charity spoke to you and why you believe education is so important in today’s world.

Justin: I would credit all of my success to my experience in academia, both in high school and college. Education means a lot more than the hour of classroom time, let alone the exam…it fosters an environment that teaches people to work hard. I’ve had so many influences in my educational career that gave me the tools to achieve my wildest dreams. I’m passionate about bringing that opportunity to as many kids as I can out there, and that’s why I partnered with PoP.

TMN: We are a little biased here but, where is one of the best places you have ever performed and why?

Justin: It’s really hard to say because every show is so different. I’d say my show at the house of blues in Boston though was one of the most inspirational for me, just the fact that I had that many fans in one city who were willing to come out, pay for a ticket, and see me…that was startling.

TMN: If you were on a deserted island, and could only have one artists musical collection to listen to, who would it be?

Justin: It’s a really close tie between Radiohead and Sigur Ros. Both are my absolute favorite artists of all time, but if I had nothing else to listen to in that kind of situation, I’d probably pick sigur ros, definitely more likely to lift spirits.

TMN: Are you a summer guy with those sunnies poppin or do you prefer the colder seasons where you can rock 70’s snow pants?

Justin: Ah, i don’t know it’s a little but of both, I have serious ADD so I never like the same thing for a consistent period of time. I love all kinds of weather depending on my mood I guess; I love the snow and I love the water.

TMN: This is quite a random question but after discussing it the other day with fellow TMN writers we came to a conclusion: We all have embarrassing AIM names from middle school and some of us still rock them to this day (not this girl, Sportabug21 died when I entered the working world). If you did have one, care to share?

Justin: Hahahahaha mine was “chronocornica” it was my video game alias. My parents always told me video games were a waste of time, to which I obviously disagreed… chronocornica was a twist between chronos and cornucopia.

TMN: Ice cream or Fro-yo?

Justin: Ice cream, if you’re gonna do it might as well go all out.

TMN: Finish the sentence: If I were any of the Muppets characters I would be…

Justin: Kermit, just cause that’s all I know

TMN: Justin, again, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these odd but fun questions. We know you have a lot of new music to go produce and we always appreciate you taking the time to hang with us and your fans. Best of luck this year with school and with your tour,\ please make sure to make a stop to see the TMN team soon!

Justin: Thanks so much guys! Stoked to be a part of this!

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