If I ever find myself at the question, “where can I go for a non-stop, funkalicious dance party in Denver,” I look no further than TNERTLE’s tour schedule. This 6-8 piece (depending on the track) electro-funk outfit always brings the heat to whatever venue is lucky enough to have them, most of which happen to fall right here, in the Mile High City.

Praise the dance gods for that.

I’ve had the pleasure of covering TNERTLE’s live and recorded music in the past, always presenting it to you guys with a beaming grin, and feet ready to dance out a jig on a moment’s notice. Today’s no different, as you get a taste of their upcoming Monsters Out West EP. True to its name, this collection offers up four massive tunes, featuring big, shiny brass sections, carefully laid out synths, and a myriad of different vocalists that all come together for the sake of getting down.

“Clouds” was a standout for me, personally–an absolutely huge tune that already has me revved up and ready to go for the weekend. It’s just too damn bad it’s only Tuesday. Oh well. We’ll just have to settle with some desk dancing’ until Friday peeks its sweet, sunny face above the horizon.

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