TrapZillas are one of the biggest upcoming Trap artists in the game right now. They have recently teamed up with Mad Decent’s Riff Raff on a couple tracks, as well as grinding out a bunch of Original tunes.

This first track is titled “Mush In The Trap” and features a catchy melody that is chopped at all the right times, mixed with their unique Godzilla screams and massive 808’s. Next is their track “You” which is by far the most melodic tune they have released. It also is seems to be one of their best received songs on SoundCloud, featuring some sexy vocals mixed with a very unique sound. “Pacoima Pride” features a funky guitar mixed with more massive 808’s that create yet another catchy and unique banger from these guys. Now possibly my favorite tune from them, titled “Chill” this one brings some massive hard hitting wobbles mixed with their classic Gozilla samples. Last is a Hip-Hop tune they produced with Riff Raff and Logic Ali, titled “Practice”. Cheers.

’TrapZillas – Mush in the Trap’
’TrapZillas – You’
’TrapZillas – Pacoima Pride’
’TrapZillas – Chill’
’TrapZillas ft Riff Raff & Logic Ali – Practice’
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