Radio Brain

After you slowly climb out of bed, throw away the remnants from last night’s festivities and piece together your life, know that we have you covered. Screw Red Bull. We have a tasty serving of gold old fashioned Rock and Roll to wake you up.

Yet again we find ourselves writing about another Brooklyn band. This isn’t on purpose, we swear. It just so happens that Brooklyn is churning out tons of solid tunes, and SPIRIT ANIMAL is the latest in our findings. The Big Apple based quartet has more than just a solid beard to offer up. While that is an impressive feat of manliness that even Ron Swanson would give an approving nod to, these cats also have a electrifying sound that could get anyone up on their feet.

Today we’re proud to bring you their video for “Radio Brain,” which serves up monstrously crunchy guitar riffs, a frenetic vocal range and of course, a bad ass video. As depicted below, we see the band panicking as they search high and low for “Radio Brain” on Spotify, to no avail. Take a look for yourself!

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