We Were Strangers
I Believe

There is nothing truly more exciting than waking up to the sweet, melancholic sounds of a haunting piano lingering in the background of today’s overcast setting. As we sip on our morning tea and soak in the days energy, we can’t help but sink into an ethereal moment of pure, nostalgic peace that the day is projecting on us. Today just seems to be a very special day for all of us because we here at TMN are happy to introduce the world to an entirely new cup of musical tea with the sensational debut of England’s, We Were Strangers, and his first ever release, “I Believe”.

Hailing from Manchester, England, 2015 see’s the debut release of We Were Strangers. The first track ‘I Believe’ starts with a haunting piano line before the crescendo of the warm and melodic vocals enters the fray.

This heart-wrenching yet cozy new single is filled with moving elements that collectively depict a story about longing for something that just isn’t quite there anymore. This lyric-driven original sends us down a road of agonizing pain, helplessness, and turns us around with its subtle hints of optimism during this moment of loss. “I Believe” is undeniably a timeless track that will leave you in a state of existential euphoria, so do yourself a favor and pour yourself another cup of tea, open your windows, and let this iridescent track coax your morning with rays of reminiscent sunshine.

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