Wolfgang Gartner returns to his heavier electro fashion with “Flexx”, out today on Beatport. Following many more progressive releases, including his latest ‘Redline’, Gartner promised an aggressive track that would cater to his older fans, and he delivered. He explains,

I’ve been resisting this post for so long but imma do it. fuck it. i get these comments (usually on facebook) like “why did you go progressive, come back to your old style, come back to complextro” etc etc. ANSWER: It just so happens that the last three tracks i released were sorta progressive house. I have 6 more finished, and none of them are progressive house. They’re all electro house, some of them are “my old style” and some of them are me trying to create yet another new brand of electro. Stop trippin. I didn’t change genres. I put out 3 prog tracks. I like to fuck with different styles. I’m sure I’ll do more prog tracks. I’ll do more shit like Undertaker / Shrunken Heads too (already have, just not out yet). Just don’t think because i release a few tracks in a style that’s all I’m doing for life. SINCERELY, WOLFGANG. (this post written out of love)

‘Flexx’ is a pitch dodging, bass thrilling banger out 6/11 (today) on Beatport.

’Wolfgang Gartner – Flexx (original mix)’
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