America (Vasta Remix)

Miami based Dj/Producer Vasta just released a house rendition of indie pop newcomers XYLØ ‘s “America”, which has become one of the biggest tunes to hit the blogosphere. Not surprising, as the incredibly talent of Paige Duddy’s controlled and soothing vocals has not only captivated our attention but elevates this act even further.

Taking on the remix with big pianos, house drums, and trendy chops and cuts, Vasta dresses the original with a much lively yet light and playful electronic outfit, ready to be debuted during upcoming summer days. For now, there is really not a lot known about this newcomer Floridian DJ, but with an ear for executing layered vocals without overshadowing them with intrusive basslines, that is all the information we need for now.

We expecting a lot from XYLØ for 2015, but this is another solid lead remix to hold us over. Take a look and make sure you grab a free Download after you follow XYLØ and Vasta here:

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