whitest boys alive
Singer/guitarist Erlend Øye, half of the genius from Kings of Convenience, has the ability to not only come up with engaging melodic solos but also convinces us he “might” be a much softer reincarnation of Frank Sinatra. Erlend’s own confidence in his abilities as a musician comes across in his music. At times, his calm and collectiveness can be perceived as lacking emotion but it is this style that makes his songs much more sedating. Rules is the second album by indie pop band The Whitest Boy Alive released in march of 2009. It was recorded in Punta Burros Nayarit, Mexico, where the band was staying to rest after a long tour. If you are looking for an album to listen while you sit back and relax, Rules is definitely worth checking out.





Bonus: Two chillax Kings of Convenience Remixes.

I Dont Know What I Can Save You From (Ryksopp Remix)


The Weight of My Words (Four Tet Remix)

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