The Knife – The Colouring of Pigeons

’Colouring of Pigeons.mp3′

Right off the bat this song drops you in the middle of a forest. Dazed and confused you look around asking yourself, where are these short spurts of pitch perfect vocals coming from? You keep walking through the fog of instrumental “clicks” and “clangs” to find yourself right back where you started, or not? Slowly, you gain consciousness and recognize the interchanging voices of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer at a distance. All seems good again as you realize that there is no forest but one pleasant surprise from Sweden electro pop duo The Knife.

With its mysterious vibe and all, The Knife’s new song The Colouring Of Pigeons is actually very soothing. The monotonous vocals paired with a vibrant melodic background creates a captivating somber tune that never sounds the same. The Knife are to release the studio version of the opera Tomorrow, In A Year, in collaboration with Mt. Sims & Planningtorock, on March 1st. A great way to start 2010.

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