Able Grey has steadily built a reputation for crafting tracks that resonate on a profound level. His previous works have drawn attention for their meaningful blend of emotional depth and intricate production. Notable tracks have gained support from a wide range of industry figures and recognition from leading dance publications. Able Grey’s performances at major festivals like North Coast, Summer Camp, and Backwoods, along with support from A-List names such as Excision, Trap Nation, KSHMR, Nicky Romero, and Showtek, are strong indicators as to where this soloist is heading. His music has also been featured in Spotify’s official editorials ‘Dance Rising’ and ‘Mint.’

Able Grey, based in Chicago, began his journey with a passion for blending various music genres. He uses an electronic drum pad and a MIDI controller to create a dynamic live experience, incorporating edits, mashups, original compositions, and remixes. This is just one part of a greater whole that makes what he does a bit addictive and easy to come back to.

“Fatal Love,” the latest release from Able Grey, highlights many of his best traits all in one release. The track features the complementary vocals of Hymn and NoelleMichelle, with an emphasis on vocal and lyrical expression. Drawing inspiration from Imogen Heap, Bon Iver, and Sleep Token, “Fatal Love” is part of his forthcoming EP, “The Eternal Cycle,” set to release on June 14th. This EP symbolizes a never-ending story, designed to loop seamlessly and embodying themes of perpetual motion and continuity. It began as a single collaboration and evolved into a cohesive project, reflecting the endless journey of life and the universe. Check out the song below and look out for the EP coming soon.

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