San Pacho is a true standout in electronic music, particularly in the house genre. His tracks like “Trompeta,” “Voy,” and “Tequila” have racked up millions of streams. His collaboration with Matroda, “La Pasion,” has soared past four million streams on Spotify – no easy feat to say the least. Supported by big names like Tiesto, Diplo, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix, San Pacho boasts a strong social media presence and over 950k monthly listeners on Spotify, making his mark immeasurable.

San Pacho’s journey began with a deep love for Latin House. Over the years. He has created a style that fuses Latin elements with modern house vibes, which has lead to many successful releases and collaborations and cemented his status in the genre. His knack for pushing house music boundaries has earned him a loyal following and widespread acclaim.

The “No Guest List EP” is now available. Featuring six tracks that have already destroyed crowds at major festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Beyond Wonderland. The EP kicks off with “No Guest List,” a track that brings the party with its stuttering synth-stabs and catchy vocal samples. Next up is “Dale,” a collaboration with Teko, offering a laid-back, Latin-flavored vibe with intense percussion. “Alfoja,” featuring Buitano and Fatboi, shines with its smooth Spanish vocals that perfectly match the beat.

“To Di Drum” delivers a darker sound with echo effects and metallic drums while keeping a Latin twist. “Cha Cha Cha” lightens things up with a fun, feminine touch, giving that classic San Pacho feel with its tight drumwork and arrangement. The EP wraps up with “Amor (VIP),” a hypnotic take on the original, featuring pulsing basslines for a powerful finish that leaves you wanting more.

San Pacho’s “No Guest List EP” showcases his fresh vision for 2024.

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