Dr. KattyWhompus, a seasoned veteran in the music industry, has carved out a unique niche with his deep-seated passion for both music and visual art. With a background as a recording engineer, lighting designer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, his skill set is as expansive as it is impressive. Preferring anonymity, Dr. KattyWhompus lets his high-caliber work speak for itself. His performances at iconic events like Burning Man and various San Francisco clubs just begins to describe his story, particularly in the realms of dirty bass music and drum & bass.

His latest single, “Whip It,” shines light on his ability to blend humor and intensity seamlessly. This track originated from a creative partnership with director Andrea Tseng, whose vision aligns perfectly with his own. They drew inspiration from a wild desert party at Burning Man, amidst a dust storm, which sparked the idea for an epic HD stock footage project. The track stands out, in part, due to the cloud imagery and whip crack effects, which adds an unexpected layer of entertainment.

“Whip It” will premiere with a music video on August 11th at the Enchanted Loft, an LA micro-festival series dedicated to uplifting rising artists. The filming process was an adventure in itself, with Dr. KattyWhompus experiencing a few accidental whip cracks but remaining in character throughout. 😉 The use of smoke bombs and fog machines to create a white-out effect added to the video’s unique aesthetic, soon to be revealed.

Beyond “Whip It,” Dr. KattyWhompus’s recent track “Warm,” featuring Nataly Michelle Wright and Shaina E. on violin, showcases his songwriting chops. This release highlights his ability to constantly introduce fresh ideas while maintaining a cohesive groove. Dr. KattyWhompus’s approach and craftmanship go above and beyond the call of duty – “Whip It” is no exception.

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