Acre Tarn
Dawn Faces

New music Tuesday is upon us, and boy, is it something. Amidst the many tracks we’ll have going up today, this gem from Acre Tarn has us beaming. Even though we were already very familiar with their stuff after having premiered their debut song, “This Once,” we are once again caught pleasantly off guard with their intricate, layered electronic pop approach.

Anna-Louisa Etherington is bringing another glowing tune that’s sure to grab your audible attention this morning. “Dawn Faces” boasts an often frenetic soundscape, rife with fluttering synths and larger-than-life percussion. The vocal cadence adds to the cinematic qualities of the tune, swirling in a culminating spattering of soaring vocals and intense musical arrangements.

We fully expect this as one piece of an upcoming EP, so make sure you keep tabs on her by following on Soundcloud.

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