After just a cursory listen it would be easy to write off Cloud Control completely. The Laurel Canyon hippie vibes of Bliss Release can be found in the music of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes; its twee boy-and-girl vocals are present on any one of Camera Obscura or Belle & Sebastian’s albums; its semi-mysticism put to more obviously stunning effect on Animal Collective’s best work. But on Cloud Control’s new disc there’s this intangible, indescribable something that completely evades any cheap “this sounds like so-and-so” commentary. It’s the kind of magic you can’t fake on a record. Hailing from Australia, the band debuted with a well-received EP in 2007 and got some attention with their über-happy single “Death Cloud.” Now, finally, they’re back. This time around, they seem to have a not-so-subtle obsession with the eerie little things that show up occasionally in life. The material may not relate directly to the occult, at least not in the same way that, say, a Marilyn Manson record might, but there are little haunting details that belie the sunny nature of the music. Read full review at

Cloud Control - Bliss ReleaseCloud Control – Gold Canary


Cloud Control – There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight


Cloud Control – This Is What I Said

’this is what I said.mp3′

Bonus: Cloud Control – Gold Canary (Danimals Remix)

’01 Gold Canary (Danimals Remix).mp3′
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