Excision’s trademark style of insane, intense, in-your-face dubstep has made him one of the biggest names in the bass heavy electronic scene. To be honest, before I listened to this new album I thought that the majority of Excision’s work was a little too crazy to be a part of my usual set, reserving his most popular songs (Swagga, for instance) only for times when I’m feeling the dirtiest of the dirty. X-Rated, while still maintaining Excision’s heavy, brutal style, has influences from all over the electronic music scene, making the album a much more accessible entry into Excision’s body of work as well as creating a richer and more enjoyable listening experience overall.

Tracks like Ohhh Nooo and Swerve have a definite club feel, fusing Excision’s style with electro/house, which I didn’t even think was possible. 8 Bit Superhero comes out of nowhere as an upbeat, chiptune and drum & bass jam–although I’m not entirely sure if I actually like the song or I’m just psyched that Excision is using 8 bit. Sleepless and Jaguar also stand out as being very chill, laid back jams and serve as a welcome break from the usual out of control bangers that dominate Excision’s usual fare. But the two highlights of the album by far are the songs that stay truest to Excision’s badass, epic style; Execute and the title track, X Rated. There are no adjectives filthy enough to describe these two devastating monsters. They dominate your ear drums and are guaranteed to turn the dance floor into something resembling a mosh pit, a riot and an insane asylum.

This album nails it in every sense, delivering an impressive and diverse collection of music while still maintaining a firm base in the classic Excision style. Now hook up those speakers and get ready for a wild ride.

MP3: Excision – Execute

MP3: Excision & Messinian – X Rated

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