’Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell)’
’Robin Thicke – Give It 2 U (feat. Kendrick Lamar)’
’Robin Thicke – Top Of The World’

After dropping multiple tracks from his latest full length this past month, R&B crooner Robin Thicke finally unveils his 6th studio album, Blurred Lines. Already seasoned in the music industry, Thicke is considered more of your mother’s favorite singer with his charming and mature sound. On this latest full length however, he teams with some of the top producers in the game and some rising emcees for a mix of 70’s funk, pop, dance, and an attempt at some dubstep and neo-soul.

Returning with a new sound and a controversial video to match, the 2013 Pharrell-produced summer hit-maker, “Blurred Lines”set the tone for the new Thicke on this album. It’s catchy, young, and fresh, but still holds an organic sound that sets it apart from the heavily-synthed music that plagues today’s radio. Adding T.I. for a quick “hip-rap” feature, there was no surprise that this single reached number one status on the charts.

His follow-up, the Dr. Luke-produced single “Give It 2 U” featuring Kendrick Lamar and the Timbaland-produced “Take It Easy On Me” turn the tables to a more dance vibe by adding some subtle dubstep-influences for easy marketable radio-success. “Get In My Way” is a nod to the past, with a 70’s inspired disco sound that comes across as light and effortless, while ‘Feel Good’ is the trance-pop tune that should appeal more to the European markets.

’Robin Thicke – For The Rest Of My Life’
’Robin Thicke – Feel Good’
’Robin Thicke – The Good Life’

The shining and most sincere moments on the album come when Thicke returns to the neo-soul and classic R&B roots that made his career such a success. “For The Rest of My Life” is the album’s lone ballad that carries some Prince-esque vibes with some subtle romanticism. “The Good Life” is a feel-good anthem that could work as both an uplifting ballad or that “ten-minutes before the bar closes” sing-a-long track.

With Blurred Lines, the 36 year-old singer mixes in a range of genres and manages to still deliver a light summer pop-record without coming across as “trying too hard”. Although there are some misses and a lack of ballads that Thicke has been known for, the success in the brief 10-track album (14 on the Deluxe Edition) is the ability to show off versatility without excessive length (A concept that Timberlake‘s over-produced 20/20 Experience failed to grasp). Thicke abandons his mild innuendos and subtle lyrics for a more sexual tone, while still keeping his audience distracted with production that doesn’t drown-out his vocals.

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