Earlier this week, we expressed our uncontainable excitement for the upcoming release of JMSN’s upcoming project, JMSN (Blue Album). Thankfully, we don’t have to wait around until Tuesday to hear it in its entirety, as the crooner has just uploaded a free stream to his SoundCloud profile. JMSN (Blue Album) is the artist’s first full length effort since last year’s †Pllajë† EP, and after one listen, we’d say it’s probably his best since his debut, †Priscilla†. Already one of the brightest minds in alternative R&B, the Michigan native has shown tremendous growth over the last couple of years. The self-titled album is a slight departure from some of the dark, brooding material we’re used to, opting for a soulful sound consistent with more traditional R&B music. His vocal chops are as strong as ever, and it’s pretty obvious at this point that nothing can slow R&B Jesus down. JMSN (Blue Album) makes for a relaxing listen through and through, and we’ll most certainly have this one on repeat until the end of the year.

Stream the record below, and make sure to pre-order a copy for yourself as an early Christmas present.

’JMSN – My Way’
’JMSN – ‘Bout It’
’JMSN – Street Sweeper’
’JMSN – Addicted’
’JMSN – Addicted Pt. II’
’JMSN – Waves’
’JMSN – Ocean’
’JMSN – Ends (Money)’
’JMSN – Need U’
’JMSN – Score’
’JMSN – Delay’
’JMSN – All Apologies’
’JMSN – Price’
’JMSN – Foolin”
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