It goes without saying, but Future Classic is at it again with identifying promising artists, and the one of the latest to release new material with them is Exhibitionist, the solo project of Kirsty Tickle. Following up the release of “Hands” seven month prior, Exhibitionist takes to a seductively syncopated groove on “Motionless” that traverses waves of modulated synths, a simple yet defiant drum pattern, and expressive vocals that seamlessly drift alongside every element of the song. The palpable sense of warmth throughout the tune provides an intangible comfort that lasts long after the final minutes, and with the fall season upon us, at least in some places, Exhibitionist has crafted an essential soundtrack to the more contemplative times ahead that accompany an evening indoors on a cold and (hopefully) snowy day. We’re certainly eager for more from Exhibitionist, and here’s to hoping we’ll be hearing something fresh sooner than later.

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