Jack River
Palo Alto

One of the best facets of music is the ability to capture a specific moment in time or a definitive emotion, but the newest from Jack River details quite a bit more than that. She states:

It was always destined to be sun-drenched and gritty and gilded in synths and electric guitars – I wanted to find the line between the 90’s, early 2000’s and now, and blend all my dreams of a highway song into one.

For you Courtney Barnett fans out there, look no further, because this song is right up your alley. With an unapologetic and boisterous spirit, “Palo Alto” continues to pave the way for Jack River’s upcoming debut EP, Highway Songs No.2, in a stylish and independent manner. It steers away from the much more electronically influenced “Talk Like That“, but it’s the sort of shift that demonstrates a fearless attempt at displaying a compelling range. Her message behind this tune, per her SoundCloud description, touches on a common sentiment:

It’s about letting go but not giving up, melancholic-but-sure endings, and people realizing magic when it’s too late – even though you knew it all along.

Subtle yet substantial, that’s an experience all too familiar for some of us. Highway Songs No.2 will be out on October 7th, so don’t miss it!

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