Je T’aime

It seems that San Francisco will always be home to artists who bring an out-of-the-ordinary twist to whatever medium they handle. One musical artist from California’s North base is an-ten-nae who is releasing his album Medicine today. What is also occurring today is the dojo is providing the premiere of “Je T’aime” a single that we thought was especially cool off the LP.

“Je T’aime” doesn’t just play into one style of dance music. If you went on an tried to categorize this one, you’d be using multiple terms; not being able to knock it down under one solid genre. It’s chill, invigorating and an experience. All music is trying to bring the listener an experience and an-ten-nae succeeds in delivering something that listeners will connect to and remember. As we said previously, Medicine is out today, so you can get a copy of the album on iTunes.

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