Winner:Ryan Patrick Ross from Milwaukee, WI

If you are wondering how we picked the winner of the iPod Shuffle Giveaway, the answer is simple: AT RANDOM! We used Random.org/lists to input all 305 contestants and with a click of a button, the list got randomized and Ryan Patrick Ross came up on top! We have already contacted him and we are awaiting a reply, however if Ryan does not reply to us in the next week… we are gonna be forced to redraw another Winner.. lets hope that is not the case!

Thanks to everyone, all 305 Music Ninja fans that participated in this contest, you will soon be receiving a facebook message from Blas Yaselli (me) with a small surprise to ease the pain of losing an iPod Shuffle to Ryan Patrick Ross 🙂

For now, enjoy my favorite song from Chiddy Bang’s latest “mini-mixtape”, Air Swell:

Chiddy Bang – Hey London

’Chiddy Bang – Hey London’

Download Entire Mixtape here:

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