[Hip-Hop] A$AP Rocky – I Come Apart (Feat. Florence Welch) (Prod. By Emile Haynie & Amanda Ghost)

While most of you have probably already heard the leaked version of Long.Live.A$AP, I’m sure there’s still at least one last song you’ve been eagerly anticipating. That would be this collaboration right here. Although relegated to being a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album, this brand new track boasting the gifted talents of Florence Welch does not fail to impress. “I Come Apart” is unlike anything you’ve heard from A$AP Rocky before. Certainly his most ambitious undertaking to date, the song is all about the unraveling of a relationship at its seams and the repercussions that follow when trying to assemble the pieces back together. The key to this one is finding a balance between the soaring vocals of Florence and the whispering murmurs of Rocky as tries his hand at his best Kid Cudi impression. At times it may sound like A$AP’s heart truly isn’t set in the material, and it shows in his energy through certain portions of the track (that may be possibly due to a lack of experience with its subject matter). However, this one is still worth a listen for the British siren’s vocal prowess alone.

As you must know by now, A$AP Rocky’s debut album Long.Live.A$AP, drops this Tuesday, January 15th. I would be really cool if you checked it out to show your appreciation.

’A$AP Rocky Ft. Florence Welch – I Come Apart’
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[Hip-Hop] LA Leakers – The 2013 Draft Picks (Mixtape)

Today, the Los Angeles Leakers dropped their 2013 Draft Picks mixtape, a compilation of tracks by some of the brightest stars and up ‘n comers in hip-hop today. The projects features original songs and freestyles from ninja favorites Pac Div, A$AP Rocky, Freddie Gibbs, Trinidad Jame$, Kid Ink, Ryan Leslie and Sir Michael Rocks among others. Stream some of the cuts below and grab the whole tape for free here: LA Leakers – The 2013 Draft Picks

’Wale – Draft Pick’
’Kid Ink & Sir Michael Rocks – No Turning Back’
’Ryan Leslie – History’
’A$AP Rocky LA Leakers Freestyle’
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[Hip-Hop] A$AP Rocky – Phoenix (Prod. Danger Mouse)

Ever since the Long.Live.A$AP tracklist was released, I’ve had this track on my radar, specifically because of one name: Danger Mouse. Most people recognize him for his work with Cee Lo Green on Gnarls Barkley, or his mashup project between Jay-Z and The Beatles known as The Grey Album.  You’d be surprised however, to know how diverse his body of work really is. He’s worked with everyone from MF Doom to The Black Keys, and has proven he’s one of the most imaginative and eclectic producers of our time, not to mention under appreciated. When I saw he’d have a production credit on A$AP Rocky‘s new album, I didn’t know what to expect, except for greatness.

“Phoenix” represents a maturation process for the young rapper, and serves as a reflection of sorts as well. Taking a break from his weed, women, and money, the Harlem emcee uses this opportunity to discuss his origins and the constant scrutiny he’s been under ever since he signed his record deal, starting the song off with the ominous line, “Bloody ink on my pen spelled suicide.” Danger Mouse does not disappoint on the piano-laden production either, providing appropriate tone throughout the entire track. Honestly, it’s going to be tough to beat this one, but we look forward to seeing what else A$AP has to offer on his forthcoming album, dropping on January 15th.

’ASAP Rocky – Phoenix’
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[Hip-Hop] A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night (Feat. Skrillex)

Probably the most intriguing collaboration on Long.Live.A$AP, “Wild For The Night” represents a departure from the rapper’s traditional syrup-driven rhymes. With young artists like A$AP Rocky continuing to show an eager willingness to experiment with their sound, it was inevitable that a combination like this would happen. Contrary to what you might expect, the electronic elements of the production actually don’t overwhelm the listener at all. This might be due to the fact that Skrillex opts to use more crashing synths versus the roaring womps we’re used to hearing from him. Then again, Sonny has proven that he does have some versatility in the past. With all that being said, this brand new Rocky track accomplishes exactly what the title suggests, meaning this won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing this one. Make sure to pre-order A$AP Rocky’s debut album, Long.Live.A$AP, in stores January 15th.

’A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night Feat. Skrillex.mp3′
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[Hip-Hop] A$AP Rocky – 1Train (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T.) (Prod. Hit-Boy)

One of of the most anticipated tracks off of Long.Live.A$AP features a who’s who of some of the hottest young rappers in the game right now. “1Train” consists of six straight minutes of fiery bars from the likes of A$AP RockyKendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Big K.R.I.T., Action Bronson, Yelawolf and Joey Bada$$. The song wouldn’t be quite complete though without the immaculate production courtesy of Hit-Boy. For those still getting accustomed to some of the names on this list, the song serves as a proper introduction to the future of rap music. This outstanding single is just another hit from the Harlem emcee who’s been churning them out left and right in preparation for his debut album, set to drop on January 15th.

’A$AP Rocky – 1Train Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T.)(Prod. Hit
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[Hip-Hop] T.I. – Wildside (Feat. A$AP Rocky) (Prod. No I.D.)

T.I. takes a walk on the wildside with his latest track, bringing A$AP Rocky along for the ride. From the title, one would imagine that this song would serve as another opportunity for T.I. to brag about his exploits in the drug game, but instead he uses this opportunity to provide more insight into his life and where he comes from. The “wild side” detailed in the song pertains more to an ugliness many of us will never know. T.I. explains much about his rough upbringing and how it’s led him to become the man he is today. Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head is quickly becoming one of T.I.’s most intimate albums to date, and definitely one that’s worth checking out when it drops tomorrow.

’T.I. – Wildside feat. ASAP Rocky (Prod. by No ID).mp3′
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[Hip-Hop] Big Boi – Lines (ft. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram)

As half of the legendary rap duo Outkast, the Atlanta-based Big Boi, requires little introduction. His solo career, on its own, has placed him in the highest echelon of emcees. Recently, the ATLien has shown an openness to collaborating outside of the genre, most memorably in his work with Little Dragon.

On his latest single, Big Boi brings in the indie electro duo, Phantogram, and Harlem’s PMF, A$AP Rocky, to create quite the dope clash of musical styles. Rocky kicks the track off with his trademarked flow over the captivating and epic multi-layered instrumental. The heavenly vocals of Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel grace the chorus before Big Boi himself comes in with his veteran delivery and southern wisdom. Phantogram takes over for the last minute leaving the listener suspended well above the clouds in yet another example of successful genre fusion. Stream “Lines” below and look out for Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, out December 11th. 

’Big Boi – Lines (ft. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram)’
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