[House] Dragon and Jontron ft. Lea Luna – Loud and Proud

Dragon & Jontron ft Lea Luna
Loud & Proud (PREVIEW)

You have to give it to Lea Luna. She continues to prove time and time again that she knows how to craft party inducing lyrics that carry perfectly over big buzzing beats. We especially love the underlying “Mile High” messaging, as Lea is originally from there, as well as Dragon and Jontron.

“Loud and Proud” is the latest release from this collaboration. In true D&J fashion, it boasts a slow melodic build that let Lea’s vocals really shine. The drop is a big, bass-laden electro house dance floor killer that is smooth yet aggressive. Another familiar face shows up in this joint effort, which is Denver based music videographers, Blurred Pictures. Their crew was once again slated to put the visuals to this monstrous track. They chose the stage at Skylab 2012 this time around, and if you watch carefully, you may catch a ninja in there. Keep your eyes peeled at 2:40. Ha!

Head over to Beatport and grab a copy of “Loud and Proud” out now via Black Hole.

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