[Mashup] Pentatonix – Evolution of Music

As music bloggers, our mindset often gets caught up in the new. New singles, new remixes, new albums, etc. Everything is about the here and now, and providing the latest and greatest material for all you ninjas out there. Sometimes though, it’s good to reflect on the old, and see how far we’ve come over the last few years. Pentatonix takes that exact concept and stretches things back all the way to the 11th century.

The California-based a cappella group takes us on a journey through history, showcasing some of the most popular music of the last century, and more, in merely four minutes. While every classic isn’t present (that would be kind of tough to fit within the time constraints), the band does do a tremendous job of summing up the sounds of each decade. This is more than just a gimmick too, as the group is able to demonstrate their vocal range and talents superbly through the mashup. See if you can name all the songs used in the medley, before peeking at the list after the jump. After hearing this, let’s all hope the band decides to make a part two. Also, make sure to check out more from Pentatonix on their official website.

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