[NEW] Stafford Brothers feat. Christina Milian & Lil Wayne – Hello (Candyland Remix)

Candyland switches it up again with yet another incredible production. This time doing an Official Remix for the Stafford Brothers track “Hello” featuring Christina Millian and Lil Wayne. Sampling the catchy Piano melody in the beginning and sprinkling it with some heavy distorted wobbles, resembling a sound design similar to Koan Sound. The vocals from Christina and Weezy bring a rather laid back vibe to this track, until Candyland doses you with more filth and flawless vocals edits.

Also stay tuned for Candyland’s upcoming EP “Bring The Rain” that will be released on Spinnin’ Records. We will also be featuring a new preview everyday until it’s release on January 21st. Cheers.

This track is Free through Candyland’s Facebook, click here. 

’Stafford Brothers Ft. Christina Milian – Hello (Candyland Remix)’
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