The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive (Video)

“The Baddest Man Alive” gets an action-packed video featuring bluesy indie rockers The Black Keys and hip-hop’s RZA. But it’s not quite like the fights you’d see in the film The Man With The Iron Fists. It involves a fish, fortune cookie, lettuce, and a healthy dose of humor. See how these guys throw it down. The track is also streamable below.

’The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive’

The Man With The Iron Fists comes out November 2nd.

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[HOT] The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive

The soundtrack for the forthcoming Quentin Tarantino film, The Man With The Iron Fists, is shaping up to have quite a few hit-worthy cuts. “The Baddest Man Alive,” which features both The Black Keys and RZA, is one such example. Given the big talent on this track, it’s probably unnecessary for us to convince you to check it out. But just in case, here are two perfect words to describe it: Badass Swag.

’The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive’
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The Black Keys – I Got Mine (Tobacco Remix)

I have been a fan of The Black Keys for awhile now. With their cool but relatable demeanor, infectious garage-punk sound, and their many collaborations with top rapper/producer Danger Mouse, the duo have been on steady replay on playlist. So, when I came across this Tobacco remix to their track “I Got Mine,” I just had to take a listen. Although this remix has remained unreleased for over four years, the Black Moth Super Rainbow member leaked it on the web today for fans to rejoice in the added mix of a bass line and almost psychedelic vibe.

’The Black Keys – I Got Mine (TOBACCO Remix)’
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[Album Review] The Black Keys: Brothers

The frequent comparisons between The Black Keys and The White Stripes might have been accurate in the past, both bands producing catchy, blues-influenced, instrumentally simple albums that were best played straight through in their entirety. Things have changed, though, and Brothers proves to be an entirely unique and valuable album for a new decade. From the first bouncing notes and thumping drum beat of “Everlasting Light” you get that wonderful feeling that comes when a band totally and unexpectedly exceeds your expectations; it’s still the same old Black Keys, for sure, but with less of the generic tales of heartbreak and repetitive riffs so often found in their previous work, and much more innovation. At about two-and-a-half minutes into one of the album’s best tracks, “Tighten Up,” the Black Keys work some surprising nuance into their usually simple style. With a few flicks of a drumstick, the tempo slows down ever-so-slightly, creating a tension with the guitar that mirrors the brooding mood of the lyrics. Read full review at

The Black Keys – Howlin For You

’Howlin For You’

The Black Keys – Too Afraid To Love You

’Too Afraid To Love You’
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