#nowplaying What Songs Did You Listened Today?

This post is inspired by the #nowplaying trending topic on twitter where people tweet “#nowplaying” plus the title and artist of the song they are currently listening to. Here are a couple the best songs we heard today. We would love to know what is the best song you listened today? Comment below!

Air Sing Sang Sung music band
[Pop/Alternative] Air – Sing Sang Sung


[Hip/Hop] Fashawn – Life As A Shorty


ben lee
[Acoustic Cover] Ben Lee – Kids (Originally By MGMT)

’17 Kids Originally By MGMT.mp3′

[Electro] The Way We Like It (Tommie Sunshine Edit)
’The Way We Like It (Tommie Sunshine Edit).mp3′

[Alternative] The Ettes – Love Lies Bleeding


[Couldn’t find a good photo (hint hint)]

[Electronica] Robot Science – Copy Paste

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