[Techno/House] Wehbba – Trust


Brazilian-based producer Wehbba released his new bundle of singles with Stay Right this month. There’s one track in particular that especially stands out among the rest, and that’s the track “Trust.” Wehbba has been producing techno and techno/house fusion works that have made our ears perk up in the recent years. His tracks, like most techno, have a drive to them that would hook anyone who listens. But with his new track “Trust,” the level of pull is so much more real.

The tune begins with a little guitar sample that’s reminiscent of something old Sonny boy of Skrillex would have produced as an intro back in his Bangarang days, and we were very curious to see where the track would go. It sounded far from a techno track in the beginning actually. But then, the vocal sample begins to slowly crescendo in until its peak drops a techno/house bass beat that comes in like a tsunami that totally wipes away the vocals for the next few measures, leaving you drowning in a techno wonderland. If you were at a festival on the outskirts of a crowd, contemplating going and getting a bucket of crab fries at that delicious stand, this drop would make any techno lover about-face and walk on beat right back to the center of the crowd like a champion.

And that, friends, is where we leave you. In the middle of the techno pit with Wehbba.

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