[Alternative/Rock] Youth Lagoon – I’ve Seen

Youth Lagoon
I've Seen

Trevor Powers, aka Youth Lagoon, has been an indie favorite of ours since his first release Year of Hibernation back in 2011. Mastering the DIY, low-fi electronic ballad game, Powers created a work of art then that has gone down as an instant vinyl classic for the modern music generation. Following that up with his next release Wondrous Bughouse in 2013, Youth Lagoon showed us that he had some pretty complex composition skills under his belt and delivered an album that was full of playfully eclectic beats, sounds and vocals. Now in 2015, Powers has begun releasing another set of songs that could fall into their own genre entirely, the newest one being his single “I’ve Seen.”

Playing with elements of acoustic guitar and theatrical keys we hear a change in the rhythm sections that used to be dominated by distorted strings. Powers’s’ voice falls in and out of the track which is a dynamic that we’re very appreciative of because it gives us more time to listen to the instrumental mix of dry and wet strings and synths combos. This pulls Powers’s work up and into a new kind of experimental music for him. With these new sounds and his natural affinity for the piano, the track has started to take on something that resembles an early Radiohead, and here at TMN, that’s a pretty big deal. And we heard he’s on tour with Taylor McFerrin, who is also great. Catch that show if you can.

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