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[Electronic] Aquadrop – Mare Tranquillitatis

With his edgy electronic vibe, Aron Airaghi a.k.a Aquadrop blasts his sound straight out of Milan, Italy. Airaghi gives a variety of sounds for our ears to play around with. From bubbly synths to cricket pads Airaghi makes sure that no sound goes unnoticed. With big name producers such as Brodinski comparing Aquadrops style to EPROM or Hudson Mohawke, You know Airaghi is not afraid to express the intense detail of the style of his productions. With the summer coming to a close, this track is the perfect tune to enjoy every last bit of it. You can download Aquadrops new EP  here.

’Aquadrop – Mare Tranquillitatis’
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[Glitch/Electronic] Nasty Ways – Cyber Snake / Skrakken EP

I love it when two of my favorite artists collaborate to form something new! Boreta from The Glitch Mob, and EPROM bring us this tasty new sound that rocks the Glitch genre. They put both of their unique styles in a blender and pooped out Nasty Ways. “Cyber Snake” treats us with some low heavy bass, with a side of a squelchy lead. “Skrakken” takes us for complete turnaround with a bass so heavy it’ll blow your head off! If you’re new to EPROM check out his latest LP here.

’Nasty Ways – Cyber Snake’

’Nasty Ways – Skrakken’
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[LP Release] EPROM – Metahuman

With his primitive beats wrapped up in synthesizers and 404’s, EPROM releases his first ever LP on Rwina Records. This album is filled with boundary breaking music. EPROM pushes the limits of electronic music to an amazing authentic sound that he has perfected over the years. The whole album is an experience that differs from person to person. You either love it of hate it. I love it. I think it is a genius way of making an almost Chill Trap sound.

First hearing “Regis Chillbin” in some Gaslamp Killer sets, I fell in loved with it ever since. This song has received praise from Boreta, The Gaslamp killer, Hudson Mohawke, and even The Flying Lotus. With a sound that can only be describe as “drippy”, EPROM exceeded expectation with ‘Regis Chillbin, clearly the best track from the album

“Can Control” definitely takes an honorable second place. Being the fifth song on the album, this song is EPROM’s own outlook on Trap, while still being a mellow laid back song. I can already see The Gaslamp Killer jumping around like a monkey on stage to this. Using vocal samples and “drippy” synths, “Can Control” kicks you in the face with its prominent bassline. Not to mention the track include samples of paint being sprayed, which enlightens the fact that on his free time EPROM is a spray paint artist.

While these two tracks may be the highlight of the LP, every other song on the album has its own personality. It is definitely not for everyone but it is refreshing to see how Trap is currently evolving. I would highly recommend purchasing this album. You won’t regret it. You can purchase it at beatport here.

’EPROM – Regis Chillbin
’EPROM – Can Control
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[Dubstep] Cedric Gervais – Molly (Borgore Suck My Tit Remix)


Since I have heard Borgore‘s  latest release, ‘Decisions’ I haven’t looked at cake the same way since. Bitches love cake!  The Israelian producer comes back and gives us a remix that will blow your head out of your ass. I have heard a lot of remixes of ‘Molly’ But, this one takes the cake.  Ok, I promise no more cake talk. In this remix you will find that he sticks to the original melody at the beginning and then takes a turn with an amazing bassline. Towards the middle you will hear some very exotic drums that doesn’t come around in dubstep often. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. Now go get some cake.


’Cedric Gervais – Molly (Borgore Suck My Tit Remix)’
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[Chill] Bit Funk – It Ain’t Easy

Straight out of Brooklyn, Bit Funk gives another indie dance hit. House fans everywhere will instantly fall in love with this one as his signature sound will send you on a soul searching journey across the world. This is a great song to cool off to as the middle of summer comes close.

’Bit Funk – It Aint Easy’
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